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Company Emails

Secure, fast, private, ad-free and Smart Email Solutions for business, organizations and events accessible from any web connected PC, Mac or mobile device in the world: outlook compatible.

Web & interface design

Overhaul your old boring site, create a brand new interface for your application, design a new online store. We'll design something fresh and let your developers take over, or we'll develop it for you.

Logo design & brand identity

Explore thought processes and logo design concepts with us to develop a new brand identity. If you've already developed a brand, we'll help you keep it consistent with social media designs, business cards, flyers, etc.

Web hosting

Fully managed and totally customised web hosting for the beginner or advanced user. If you need help setting up your site, emails, FTP, domain names, databases or backups - we've got you covered.

Web development

If you've already got a design, we can develop custom systems based on your requirements, convert designs to HTML5, integrate content management systems and adapt it to become responsive.

App design

Native apps or HTML5 apps, we can design and develop for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. It could be basic user interfaces, informative apps or infographics.

Web Packages

Quality well within your reach

Starter Pack

Standard Template Design

Domain Name Registration

Free Hosting 512MB Space (upgradable)

Up to 4 Pages

3 Interactive Slideshow Banner

Interactive Navigation Menu

Google Map

Enquiry Form

Free Maintenance For 3 Months

. . .

Business Pack

Custom Template Design

Domain Name Registration

Free Hosting 1GB Space (upgradable)

Up to 15 Pages

5 Interactive Slideshow Banner

Interactive Navigation Menu

Google Map

Google Analytics Tracking And Report

Photo Galley Module

News & Event Module

Onsite System Tranining

Enquiry Form

Custom Email Addresses

Free Maintenance For 3 Months

. . .

WordPress Theme Pack

WordPress Theme Installation

Domain Name Registration

Free Hosting 2GB Space (upgradable)

Unlimited Pages


Google Analytics Tracking And Report

Custom Email Addresses

Onsite System Tranining

Free Maintenance For 3 Months

. . .


Round Icons

Graphic Design

Startup Framework



Website Design


A little bit more about me.

  • 2012

    My Humble Beginnings

    As a student doing my degree in IT with Honours in Software Engineering, I found my passion in Web Development when studying web services. Today, I specialise in clean, standards compliant websites with a focus on simplicity, usability and accessibility.

  • 2013

    A Lifestyle Developed

    Being in Malaysia where the media and web industry was far ahead opened me up to the many platforms where developers and designers interacted in workshops and campaigns giving me access to tools and webkits which continued to enable me. Now I have extensive experience in the planning, design and development of websites and understand the process from the perspective of a designer and developer.

  • 2014

    A Developer Was Born

    This was the year when, even with a full time job, I started getting clients and doing work on a good number of projects; both collaboratively and independantly. I apply a variety of skills through the practice of current technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and continually strive to demonstrate and develop my knowledge of the latest design trends and methodology.

  • 2015

    Home Sweet Home

    After being a Freelance Web Developer for two and a half years, found it fitting to get back home and continue where I know the industry also need keen and passion developers like myself. So get in touch.

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